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The Beatles – Let It Be DVD
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Let It Be DVD
$12.95 + shipping

BONUS---Purchase the 2 DVD-set below for an additional $4.
Disc 2 has one hour of out take footage from the ‘Let It Be’ sessions as bonus material. The footage includes scenes from the day George Harrison quit the Beatles with Yoko on vocals. Plus an additional 30 minute Documentary on “The Making of Let It Be”. Both of these extras are definitely a must see for any fan!!

Let It Be
2 DVD Set
$16.95 + shipping

Item currently AVAILABLE
Region 1 for both USA & Cnd. DVD players
Comes complete as shown with DVD, case, full cover etc.

This feature film is a fabulous view of The Beatles actually playing live in the studio and is a historic treasure.....this is INCREDIBLE. Filmed during the recording of their album “Let it Be”, this movie also captures the last time they played live in public.......the famous Rooftop Concert in downtown London. (The first live public performance by the band since the end of their last tour, on August 29, 1966, at Candlestick Park in San Francisco)

The documentary, originally intended to show the Fab Four at work in the studio, instead illustrated the extreme tensions between the musicians as the band was on the verge of breaking up.

The Beatles are shown rehearsing, performing, arguing and recording and allow the cameras to record their every word and note in the recording studio. The film opens with Paul showing Ringo a piano composition, while the group is surrounded in silence, seemingly light-years removed from the screaming hordes of fans that necessitated their withdrawal from performing live. For this film, The Beatles collectively won an Oscar for "Best Original Film Score," their only Academy Award.

It famously included scenes of McCartney and George Harrison bickering over the latter's guitar-playing, and footage of an apparently disinterested John Lennon with his wife Yoko Ono. It really showed how the Beatles were breaking up. They argue with each other and are concerned with their own individual songs, rather than the group songs.

It is the complete theatrical film and is quite good quality for a film that was shot in 35mm.

Track listing:

1. Introduction
2. Paul Piano Intro
3. Don't Let Me Down
4. Maxwell's Silver Hammer
5. Two Of Us
6. I've Got A Feeling (1)
7. I've Got A Feeling (2)
8. Oh! Darling
9. One After 909
10. Jazz Piano Song
11. Two Of Us
12. Across The Universe
13. Dig A Pony
14. Suzy Parker
15. I Me Mine
16. For You Blue
17. Besame Mucho
18. Octopus's Garden (1)
19. Octopus's Garden (2)
20. You Really Got A Hold On Me
21. The Long And Winding Road
22. Shake, Rattle And Roll
23. Kansas City / Miss Ann / Lawdy Miss Clawdy
24. Dig It
25. Two Of Us
26. Let It Be
27. The Long And Winding Road

The Concert On The Roof:

28. Get Back
29. Don't Let Me Down
30. I've Got A Feeling
31. One After 909
32. Dig A Pony
33. Get Back
34. End Credits